Womens Resource Society of the Fraser Valley-Transition Houses

Transition Houses provide safe shelter for women and children fleeing abuse. Women of all cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and economic status are welcome in a Transition House.

Both our Abbotsford and Mission facilities are centrally located in their communities and are "normal" looking in appearance and size. Abbotsford Transition House is a twelve-bed shelter; it can accept up to twelve women and children in the house. Mission Transition House is a ten-bed shelter. Generally, women share a bedroom with their children. The rest of the living space is shared with other families.

The Transition House will provide food, toiletries, sheets, and towels. Residents may stay in the house for up to 30 days while they consider options for longer term living arrangements.

Eligibility criteria: Woman and Child Fleeing Abuse

Categories: Housing, Women

Languages: None specified

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Phone:(604) 852-6008
Fax:(604) 852-6542
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